I come in peace.  

 Cartagena, Colombia, 2017. Photo by Sebastian Navas. 

Cartagena, Colombia, 2017. Photo by Sebastian Navas. 

In 2013, I got an English degree, confirming something we'd suspected since the late 90's: I will always be a writer. I wanted to be a poet, actually. 22-year-old Mariah, meet real world.

In 2015, my quarter-life crisis arrived in the form of me quitting my first agency job as a copywriter in Portland, OR to take a summer job at a fishing lodge in Alaska. After that, there was pretty much no turning back -- I wanted freedom forever.

Since then, I’ve been slowly but steadily building a freelance copywriting business while developing my multimedia production skills and traveling. In 2016, I launched the Millennial Search for Meaning, a documentary podcast and multimedia interview project focused on those seeking a meaningful life. I’ve also worked on several film projects and added professional photography to my repertoire. 

Currently, I split my time between Medellín, Colombia and Missoula, Montana. To be honest, life could not be better. I still love writing, but now I get to bring it to life through multimedia and share it with others who need to tell the world how great they are. Best of all, I get to make authentic human connections wherever I go. Woot woot! ✌️️


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